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Unique Concept S.A.R.L.
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The Company UNIQUE CONCEPT S.a.r.l. was established in 2007 with the commercial purpose of importing/exporting upper quality brand products of the baking, confectionery, fine food, wine and spirit industries. In this context the company is specialized in the tailoring of personalized labelling and branding of the products meeting specific requests of the customer for what concerns primary and secondary packaging and labelling, with particular attention to the design and the art of the pack, not to mention the connected marketing and advertising activities.
The products in the portfolio are mainly offered to well known retailers located inside the « Inside & Airside » areas of the main European airports and on board of the main cruise line vessels. The products are also offered to various segments of the European market, particularly the Swiss one.
The company is not simply procuring, personalizing the labelling and selling the merchandise, but also develops, together with the client, a firm policy apt to preserve the quality of the product through a careful use of safe material in the packaging, and implements the observance of food safety regulations to preserve the product quality, as well as the health of the end user. For example, particular care is given to the open-air breeding of the poultry in the production of egg-base products, and the use of mineral oils in the baking activity. As far as packaging is concerned we support the use of environmental friendly water-base ink in the printing of the labels, as well as the use of natural fibre carton in the assembly process of the packaging.
Since the establishment of the company, important commercial partnerships have been established in Switzerland and important projects have been developed in the context of tailored branding and labelling during important commercial happenings, workshops and festivals. The company Unique Concept S.a.r.l. personally verifies and develops the personalized branding and labelling projects of a large range of customers, tailoring the best solution according to the business type and final customer base. The range of the products offered varies from the pastry (small Italian panettone, biscuits, candies, chocolate products) to the wines and spirits.


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